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DUHAMIC-ADRI believes that the environment is a shared responsibility, a reflection of different values and the foundation of the future well-being.


For this reason, DUHAMIC-ADRI has implemented different projects in different domain to support the environmental protection initiatives including:

Establishment of radical and progressive terraces, Re-afforestation, Rainwater harvesting at household level, Provision of improved cook stoves, Erosion control activities, Climate change Awareness campaigns


Improved Natural Resources Management for Sustainable Food Sources (INRM)

INRM is a 4-year project (2023-2027) funded by Trocaire and implemented by DUHAMIC-ADRI in Rulindo District.


Climate Just Community (CJC)

The Project is implemented by DUHAMIC-ADRI in partnership with TROCAIRE with the fund from Scottish Government


Rain Water Harvesting

The project was implemented by DUHAMIC-ADRI in Musambira sector of Kamonyi District. with funds from TROCAIRE to support those 53 households in installation of rainwater harvesting tanks, kitchen gardens installation and training on tanks maintenance in a period of two months ended in February 2021.

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