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Transforming Livelihoods Through Pig Farming: The Success Story of Mr. J. Damascene UWIHOREYE

Mr. UWIHOREYE J. Damascene, 49, a resident of Gisagara District, Gishubi sector, Gabiro cell, and Kurutare village, embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation as a result of his participation in the Pig Value Chain Development (PVC) Project (one of the four components of the Transforming Households Resilience in Vulnerable Environment (THRIVE) program), implemented by DUHAMIC-ADRI in partnership with World Vision Rwanda. From a struggling farmer with limited resources, he has built a thriving pig farming business, improving his family's livelihood and contributing to the community.

In 2019, Mr. Damascene joined the THRIVE Project through a saving group. At the time, he had limited knowledge of pig keeping, and he was struggling to provide basic needs for his wife and their six children, including school fees and other essentials. However, through various training sessions on pig farming practices, he gained valuable knowledge and decided to venture into pig farming as a business.

With the new-found knowledge, Mr. Damascene started his pig farming journey. He acquired 13 improved breed landrace pigs through artificial insemination, comprising 5 mature pigs and 8 piglets. Recognizing the potential of his business, he sold two mature pigs for 250,000 Rwf each. Additionally, he diversified his livestock holdings by raising two cows and twelve chickens.

Investing in Modern Pigsties and Artificial Insemination:

Inspired by the training and learning visits, Mr. Damascene made significant improvements to his pig farming practices. He invested in modern pigsties, ensuring optimal living conditions for his pigs. Moreover, he adopted artificial insemination techniques to enhance the breed quality, setting a positive example for the TURWANYUBUKENE Pig producer group, of which he is a member and farmer promoter.

Expanding Agricultural Production:

The success of his pig farming business not only improved his income but also had a positive impact on his agricultural endeavors. With the assistance of the saving groups and income from pig farming, Mr. Damascene was able to purchase two plots of land in the swamp area. “This expansion allowed me to increase my rice cultivation, resulting in higher production and increased market opportunities. Furthermore, I utilize pig manure as fertilizer, improving my farming output and providing additional income through selling surplus produce to my neighbors.” He said.

Future Plans and Resilience:

Looking ahead, Mr. Damascene has ambitious plans for his pig farming business. He aims to continue intensive pig keeping, focusing on piglet production and fattening for higher profitability. Additionally, he intends to actively participate in saving groups, sharing his knowledge and experiences with others to promote the income-generating potential of pig farming. Mr. Damascene's determination to save and invest has so far resulted in a daily income of 2,200 Rwf and a monthly accumulated savings of 40,000 Rwf. He aims to increase these numbers, aiming for a daily income of five dollars (5) and beyond.

Mr. UWIHOREYE J. Damascene's success story showcases the transformative power of the PVC Project and his own determination. From a struggling farmer with limited resources, he has built a thriving pig farming business, improving his family's livelihood and contributing to the community. Through his hard work, continuous learning, and dedication, Mr. Damascene has become an inspiration for others, demonstrating that with the right support and a resilient mindset, anyone can achieve remarkable success.

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