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PROFIFA: Improved agricultural practices see maize farmers double their yield.

Maize Farmers from different groups organized by DUHAMIC ADRI in partnership with Care International in Rwanda through the project dubbed Promoting Financial Inclusion for Small Holder Farmers- PROFIFA have increased the maize yields due to the application of the improved agricultural practices.

72 Members of TERIMBERE, ICYIZERE and ABANYARUKUNDO specialized farmer groups for maize formed in October 2017 in Nyakabungo and Bwinsanga cells of Gishali sector in Rwamagana District testified the increase in maize production after being mobilized by farmer promoters with village agents and join the PROFIFA project.

Before being beneficiaries of PROFIFA Project, we used to grow maize traditionally which lead to poor production and loss of high quantity of maize at the harvesting time due to lack of improved techniques related to Post-harvest management and market search. Following the trainings and coaching by Farmer promoter trained by DUHAMIC-ADRI, Mr. SERUGENDO Nicodem shared the testimony: we realized that there is a great difference on both quality and quantity produced as key in determining price and competitiveness to the buyers. We decided to use fertilizers at recommended quantities, we build up our maize dryer and we used modern maize sheller which reduced losses considerably. Another added value we got from being coached is that we looked for potential buyer early before production period. We gathered our production and it increased in quantity and quality from 11,400kgs in 2017A season to 19,500kgs in 2018A season.Among potential buyers identified, we decided to sell our production (19,500 kgs) to Murenzi Supply Ltd at 170 Frw/Kg and get a total amount of 3,315,000Rwfr. We address our thank DUHAMIC ADRI and partners very much. We express our appreciation to the work done through PROFIFA Project being implemented in partnership with CARE for boosting our production.

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