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Niyodusaba Claudine, a businesswoman, after getting skills and knowledge of the Adult Literacy Learning .

Niyodushima Claudine is a mother of two boys. She was born in 1978 in Nyamagabe District, Kibilizi Sector, Bugarama Cell, Nyakibyeyi Village.


After her parents passed away in 1994, she was forced to leave school during her first year of primary school education, lacking the ability of reading, writing or counting skills.

Claudine reflected on her past, remarking “I lived that life for a long time, until my marriage, and now I have two boys, with one of 16 years old”. She credited a man named Kamanutsi who is a VSL agent for assisting them in joining a savings group called URUMURI, which proved benefits in various ways.


In the saving group she started regularly saving with 200 Rwandan Francs, after she realized it is a small amount of money she increased to 500 Rwandan Francs. "I attempted to sell vegetables but faced failure due to the lack of skills to manage it effectively; I could not read, write nor count the benefits"

Driven by her dream to become a successful businesswoman, she joined an Adult Literacy School organized by DUHAMIC-ADRI/CARE. Her teacher provided invaluable assistance, teaching them reading, counting, and writing skills and other topics related to entrepreneurship, GBV Prevention and others.


"I have initiated a small business in our Village where I retail drinks, beans, eggs and other items. With my improved literacy skills, I am now capable of creating comprehensive reports on my financial capital, profits, loans, and can track the fluctuations in my business over time." Said Claudine.

Claudine in her small business, taking measurement of her beans / Photo taken on 3 May 2024


In addition to the above, she was elected as a member of the National Women's Council in her Village, serving as the Secretary. Furthermore, she represents the Women's Committee at her Anglican Parish of Kabeza," Claudine proudly shared. She emphasized that these achievements would not have been possible without her participation in Adult Literacy sessions.

Claudine’s dream is to expand her business and become a figured role model in her Village. She expresses gratitude to the DEAL Project funded by Care and implemented by DUHAMIC-ADRI, as it played a pivotal role in shaping her into a “woman with vision”.


She also acknowledges her husband’s facilitation for his unwavering support and invaluable advice that contributed to her achievements.


Claudine showing some items of her business, during the visit by DUHAMIC-ADRI Staff

Photo taken on 3 May 2024

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