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"I, Karekezi Innocent, owe my life to the support received from the Twiyubake program."

I’m KAREKEZI Innocent born on 1st January 1920 living in HUYE District KIGOMA Sector SHANGA Cell and NYAMIRAMA Village with ID number 1192080000717034, USAID TWIYUBAKE Program beneficiary with code number 20404-HH-0486-01. When TWIYUBAKE program started in KIGOMA it was in 2016 I went in Saving Group and save; that time I passed long time with a disease; I continue save and lent with a disease even if I was treated at the health center but nothing went because it does not heal ; CBVs come to train us on different topics including Saving, Farmer Field School, WASH and others , And they come to visit us at home then after they told us that there is a support of transport for poor beneficiaries who are sick but who have health care insurance to arrive where transferred by the health center.

I had been given the transfer but due to poverty I did not went. I try to join CBV and ask the explanation about my question because that time increased; her too asking the program officer and she asked me to bring copies of transfer and health care insurance it did not take a long time she bring money to me and accompanied by my daughter I went to HUYE District Hospital (KABUTARE) where they transferred me to Center Hospitarier Universtaire de BUTARE (CHUB) where I have been treated.

It was penectomy for penile. It was difficult to urinate, to sleep or to sit down; it made me feel bad day and night. Arrive at CHUB they had cut my penis and replace it by their artificial materiel. I use to use artificial penis even if it is still a problem to me as I must go to the hospital many times for verification. Today I can sit, sleep and work same jobs which does not require any strength. I thank Twiyubake program for the support that they gave to me but also their visit and advices especially CBV.

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