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HABUMUGISHA Cyprien is a farmer working with target and supplier of the local market.

HABUMUGISHA Cyprien is a married man, with a wife and three children. He is a member of TWITEZIMBERE FFS Group located at Huye district, Kigoma sector, Kabuga Cell and Kabingo Village. He is a farmer working with target and supplier of the local market.

The members of Twitezimbere FFS group learnt the importance of vegetable cultivation and consumption like other FFS groups monitored by TWIYUBAKE Program in Huye district, and they well understand the learned lessons so that by now all 20 members already have at least one improved farming technique on kitchen garden at household level and their demonstration plot produce a lot of vegetables. By selling the production they are able to purchase the sufficient seeds for demonstration plots and their kitchen gardens and share the remaining income. Some of them are now producing on a large scale and can supply the local market, which is also the case of HABUMUGISHA Cyprien.

He is building his house

Actually before his enrollment by DUHAMIC-ADRI, He had to cultivate only for consumption and never vegetables. After being aware of the importance of vegetable cultivation and consumption, he constructed a kitchen garden; for the family could consume vegetables. With the observation of the production, he took a decision and started by producing tomatoes at household level only on 10sqm and was surprised for the income of 80,000Rfw as it was more than what he expected. Then he expand his activity on a large scale (25 ares). He can now produce at least 2,400kg and he can harvest up to 45 days. For one harvest when the climate is good, he earn at least 420,000Rwf. From his tomatoes production he built the living house, bought a coffee plantation and a bicycle for helping them in transport of production and other needed transport. He live now from his tomatoes cultivation and think that from it he will go far as he can’t stop by here. By now, He express his full gratitude to TWIYUBAKE Program which makes him proud by becoming a farmer with his own tomatoes farm and coffee plantation.

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