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DUHAMIC-ADRI celebrated the International Women's Day 2024

On this Thursday, 7 March, 2024, the International Women's Day was celebrated, DUHAMIC-ADRI level, through a ceremony that brought together its Members, Senior managers, Coordinators and staff. It was an opportunity to discuss gender mainstreaming and safeguarding interventions across various Projects.

Under the theme "Imyaka 30, Umugore mu Iterambere" To be translated as 30 years, Women in Development), the event emphasized on the pivotal role of women in both DUHAMIC-ADRI and the broader national development agenda.

In his address, the Legal Representative acknowledged the invaluable contributions of women to DUHAMIC-ADRI and the country's development. He urged women participants to championing the principle of gender equality within their families, thereby catalyzing its broader societal adoption.

During this ceremony, all female employees received the recognition/gift from the organization.

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