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Adult Literacy program inspired young generations, to pursue their dreams in Education.

Born in Southern Province, Gisagara District, Musha Sector, Gatovu Cell in Gitega Village, John HABINEZA who is 24 years old, faced early challenges when his mother passed away during his second year of primary school. This tragic life led him and his elder brother to leave school and support their father through daily hardships.


As john had left the school, he grew up facing challenges with reading and writing that made him feel insecure about pursuing his dreams. He lived on carrying and selling water from house to house in his village. Later on, John failed to live with his family and became a street boy because of the family conflict, with his father.


However, instead of letting his difficulties hold him back, John decided to take control of his future by joining the DEAL Project “Developing Entrepreneurship and Literacy in Rwanda) Project” for adult literacy education. The journey was not easy as his colleagues mocked him by saying a young like him could not join old people. This situation required him strategically participate in that adult literacy education in such way that his colleagues could not be aware of it to overcome their discouragements. John had to work hard, by dedicating hours to improving his literacy skills and helping searching money to help him.


As his reading and writing abilities improved, so did his confidence. John realized that his learning difficulties did not define him; they were just obstacles he could overcome with determination and perseverance.


During his time in adult literacy sessions, other learned topics related to socio-economic development helped him to discover a passion for working initiatives. After confidently feeling literate, he decided to study the carpentry. As he had not the financial means, his Literacy teacher linked him with a carpentry teacher who finally helped him to start.


He learned the intricacies of woodworking, from measuring and cutting to crafting intricate designs. His dedication and enthusiasm were evident to everyone around him. The DEAL Project teacher and fellow carpenters praised his work, ethics and natural talent.


John is now in internship, he is now able to fabricate the chair, doors and windows and beds among others.

Apart from the technical skills John gained, he also learned that a good citizen has to live in harmony with parents and other people, now he returned to his home.


Today, John’s dream is to become a successful entrepreneur, running his own carpentry business.

John Appreciates the DEAL Project which helped him to know how to write, read and count. He is also ready to study languages like English if the Project adds this item in its program.

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