DUHAMIC – ADRI through the project dubbed ‘Response to the victims of floods and support to Covid-19 awareness in Rwanda’ in partnership with Oxfam in Rwanda, Trocaire and Caritas Rwanda under the support of Start Network supported severely families affected by floods and landslides in Muhanga, Gakenke and Rulindo Districts.

In response to the disasters, the donation includes construction materials such as 6475 iron sheets, 2610 kg of nails and 653 kg of galvanized wires to support those families to find homes again as their houses were completely destroyed. The project donated emergency kits such as hygienic, bedding kits, kitchen utensils; and delivered messages to raise awareness on Covid-19 and to curb the spread of the deadly pandemic.

On 1st May 2020, floods and landslides claimed 72 lives, destroyed houses, crops including potatoes, maize, bananas, tea and sugar canes, the Ministry of Emergency Management report reveals.

"The humanitarian assistance is very crucial for the most affected families who also face the socio-economic impacts of Covid-19" said Rene Christian UMUKUNZI, the Humanitarian Lead in Oxfam Rwanda.

During his note, Umukunzi comforted members of the concerned families and called upon them to respect prevention measures that include washing hands, social distancing, and wearing face masks, among others.

Beneficiaries speak out

34 year old MUHIRE Uwurukundo , who resides in Rongi sector of Muhanga District, had his wife injured and lost his two sons during the heavy rains that also hit his houses, utensils, livestock, and other different properties.‘When the heavy rains killed my children, I was at the center in my shop. My wife and 3 children were at home. They called me up to inform the incident. We decided to seek help from our neighbors but we failed remove the hills’ floods filled in my house. Both my ten year- old first born and his five year- old brother all died. Their mother and the little kid were severely injured but managed to survive” he testified.
Muhire family, who were relocated to the nearby school, expressed his appreciation to the support as they were availed with mattress, jerry cans, plates, blankets, soaps, face masks, iron sheets, nails, galvanized wires among others.

52-year-old MUKANKUBANA Domitilla also thanked the project that supported her with 5 face masks, soaps and water disinfecting drugs locally called Sur’Eau. She revealed that she couldn’t afford to buy a face mask amid Covid-19 outbreak.
She ensures the hygienic kits will help her wash hands properly, drinking clean water and protect herself from the pandemic.

The distribution of emergency kits in all sites was successfully made thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Emergency Management, Oxfam, DUHAMIC-ADRI, local leaders and different project participants.

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